It’s uncomfortable being the outsider. We’ve all been there: walking into a room where everybody else seems to know each other and nobody gives you a second glance. Or worse, they give you a second glance and still decide not to say hi. Ouch!

The technology and startup scenes can be even more intimidating, especially to women. How do you break the ice when it feels like you’re the only one in the room who doesn’t know the inside scoop?

NYTechWomen started as a meet-up group to help people find friends, or at least an ally, as you navigate your next step as a technologist. Instead of being centered around a speaker or topic, our events are focused on mentorship, sharing, and education in a social and open environment to help people relax and be themselves. The first event was named, simply, Let’s Get Acquainted. We thought that sounded frickin’ nice, and so did our members.

As NYTechWomen evolved and membership grew, we began to host more targeted events aimed to bring awareness to the number of smart, strong women in this industry. It’s still the same simple concept: relax and get to know each other, but with a shared purpose. Let’s give each other a leg up and let’s go get ‘em!


We’re very proud of the wonderful community we have all built together, supporting New York women in technology. We’ve all seen how much our community can do to promote each other’s goals and we’ve been inspired to add to our women-helping-women initiatives. Please join us at our exciting upcoming events!

We have thousands of members now, but our elbows-down events still remain limited. Make sure to catch these upcoming events to meet some of the most dynamic, brilliant and helpful women!

Date Event Sign Up
Tuesday, September 17 eCommerce and Structuring Partnerships with Kelly Hoey
Monday-Tuesday, September 22-23 Meet Magento NY – Special discount $100 off! MeetNY100
Monday, October 6 October 2014 Pre-Meet for #NYTM


We want to help you #MakeWorkFeelGreatAt NYTechWomen, we are always trying new and creative ways to help our members in both their personal and professional lives. We started out with a mission to bring women together, who just happen to work in a similar field, and help them lay the groundwork for a beautiful, mutuallyRead more.
You’ve built something really amazing! Thank YouYou've built something really amazing! Thank you We've been going through the progress of the last year for NYTechWomen, and it's amazing what you have all built! We talk a lot about community, collaboration, diversity, and how women are simply kicking ass, but it's great seeing it in the data too. OnRead more.
It’s Another Big Month for NYTechWomen!It's been a busy month at the NYTechWomen HQ, and I'm sure that your team has been going through the same thing. We'd love to hear all about it, so be sure to check out these two event opportunities to take a break, come out and share some exciting updates, andRead more.

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As Founder of NYTechWomen and Senior Data Analyst at comScore, I am equal parts social connector, digital analyst and adult-focused educator. I work to create an open environment that inspires and connects people. I believe that all technology is good and should be available to everyone. If you're as passionate about the benefits of technology as I am, let's meet soon!
Jovena is the founder of Skillfer where she places special emphasis on working with startups that support women in tech, and placing female technologists in postions that offer growth opportunities. In addition to working with NYTechWomen, Jovena runs a monthly Startup Tour for developers. She is passionate about helping women find dream jobs. She is very reachable for a quick chat - email first name at techwomen.co or contact her via LinkedIn or a tweet!
Director of Product
Jen Marie
Director of Community: JMR comes to NYTechWomen from a background in marketing, research & social media at SEO software startup, Conductor. As Community Director, she helps to build, identify, and engage the NYTechWomen community, as well as promote professional development within our membership. JMR lives in Brooklyn and enjoys cooking and skeeball on the weekends. Email her at community@techwomen.co


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