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Jennifer Shaw (@missjennshaw) As Founder of NYTechWomen and Senior Data Analyst at comScore, I am equal parts social connector, digital analyst and adult-focused educator. I work to create an open environment that inspires and connects people.

November #ManicMonday Social Hour

It’s been an incredibly busy Fall for many so what better time to join together a brilliant group of women in technology. It seems just like yesterday we were discussing our Summer BBQ plans! But now, there isn’t a weekend that goes by that isn’t filled with apple picking, trips to see family, preparing for the busy holiday season, or a million other distractions. We know you’ll all be preparing for some big months ahead, so we wanted to bring you all together before the real weather kicked in!
Come spend a nice evening with NYTechWomen and tell us all about your latest and greatest!
Join our friendly, engaging group for a cocktail. These monthly happy hour events are where we make real connections and friendships that bring us together. They are a closed setting, open only to women members. Come prepared to make a big difference.

November #ManicMonday Social Hour
Monday, November 10, 2014 at 6:30 PM (EST)
New York, NY

We want to help you #MakeWorkFeelGreat

At NYTechWomen, we are always trying new and creative ways to help our members in both their personal and professional lives. We started out with a mission to bring women together, who just happen to work in a similar field, and help them lay the groundwork for a beautiful, mutually rewarding friendship. We didn’t want to be just another network or connection, but a true and trusted resource in your pursuit of your best tech life.

So, it’s no surprise that when we had the opportunity to work with our friends at Talentedly, we knew right away it was a great match! They are a NYC based, women-lead team combining innovative technology, researched based programs, and certified talent trainers to help you grow from good to great at work.

To celebrate this exciting partnership, we are hosting an exciting Kick-Off event to celebrate!

NYTechWomen + Talentedly #InfluentialWomen Co-Ed Kick-Off Event
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Hudson Terrace Rooftop, 621 W 46th St, NY, NY 10036

We’ve always tried to offer special resources to our members, bringing together dedicated groups of women. This time we are specifically looking for a special group of women all looking for the next step —  looking to learn, grow and develop in the perfect environment, with the right community behind you.

The NYTechWomen + Talentedly #InfluentialWoman Workshop is a 3-month program focused in increasing community and resources for technical women in our industry so you can get actionable, expert advice to help you live your best at work life. We recognize that many of our members are a part of NYTechWomen simply because they need help navigating the ebbs and flows of work-life. If you have ever thought about hiring a career coach, finding a mentor, taking a communications class, or buying a stack of books then this Workshop is for you!

Space for the NYTechWomen #InfluentialWoman Workshop is limited, as we want to bring a very dedicated group of women together in the most meaningful format. The partnership will allow for our members to participate in Talentedly’s Virtual 1:1 Talent Training, and NYTechWomen will be bringing the live events to celebrate the milestones as members work through each of the four phases of the program.

The art of persuasion, of influencing the people around you, is a subtle but extremely powerful skill. At Talentedly, The Influencer is training that will help you learn how to win the support and buy-in of your colleagues, clients and management every day. Using research-based exercises and techniques from the best that academia has to offer and the guidance of your talent trainer, you are on your way to becoming your most influential self.

Start building the right skills for a successful career, signup today at

For more information or questions, please email



You’ve built something really amazing! Thank You

You’ve built something really amazing!
Thank you

We’ve been going through the progress of the last year for NYTechWomen, and it’s amazing what you have all built! We talk a lot about community, collaboration, diversity, and how women are simply kicking ass, but it’s great seeing it in the data too. On average, our membership sources have grown over 80%.

So, make sure that you come out to celebrate on 12/2!
Most of us will be coming back with a tummy full of turkey, hearts full of thankfulness and a calendar full of ‘holiday’ parties, but this party is with a purpose!

As a group of savvy individuals, we harness the power of technology every day. We have control of our lives, our careers and our futures. We have been able to instill curiosity in our family or friends, and we earn satisfaction from simply knowing.

This power isn’t reality for everyone.
When asked, “What would it take for you to make technology?”,
75% of women simply responded with “Someone to teach it to me”
Bella Minds is doing that teaching.
It only costs $1,000 to change the lifetime trajectory for a Bella Minds student.
We all have beautiful minds.

To pay it forward in one really big step, our December #ManicMonday is a fundraiser for Bella Minds.
Bringing tech education to ALL women
Your help is needed to make this successful.

It’s Another Big Month for NYTechWomen!

It’s been a busy month at the NYTechWomen HQ, and I’m sure that your team has been going through the same thing. We’d love to hear all about it, so be sure to check out these two event opportunities to take a break, come out and share some exciting updates, and to collaborate with other brilliant women.

One of the philosophies of NYTechWomen, is that EVERYONE always has something new and exciting to share. ALL of these experiences are what truly make our organization different: it really is an approachable community for women that is rooted in fostering both professional and personal growth. We know that each one of our members has a different struggle, a different point of view, or a new solution to add to the conversation, and more importantly, we want to hear you all sharing them!


Some things are supposed to change. Some things aren’t.

Seasons are supposed to change.  Even our projects, companies and friends change, and that’s all okay.

Even NTYechWomen has changed. Over the last 18 months, we have grown and grown and grown. We have thousands of members now, but one of the things that we haven’t changed (at least not much), as been our #ManicMonday Social Hours.  Our easy going, ladies-only, social events still remain limited, and even more importantly still remain an invaluable asset for professional development and personal discovery. And I am even more dedicated to this quality over quantity than ever before. (more…)

April Successes

Thank you! I don’t know about all of you, but we had one great month of April! We couldn’t have had such a successful month without you, so we want to send a big thanks for being a part of NYTechWomen!


Community is more than a word

It’s about the people. Remembering them, their projects, and most importantly their passions. It’s about an unconditional devotion to help, educate and share experiences. It’s true community service. It’s about going out of your way for the greater good. It’s about capturing more than an inner circle.

I started as an outsider to the tech community when I took on organizing the NYTechWomen group, but through my fresh perspective I have created one of the most active and open forums for women within the larger NY Tech community. I see a lot of value in my unbiased and proactive approach, and how this this can foster even bigger conversations. (more…)

Are you ready to #VoteLikeAGirl?

Last night, I attended NY Tech Meetup’s “Meet the Candidates” as a nominee for the open seat on their Board of Directors. It was a pleasure to spend time with both community members and the other nominees. Once again, I learned so much and met wonderful people, but more over, I left feeling engaged.

There were many talks about why we need a board of directors, what exactly makes up this HUGE community, and ultimately what our responsibilities as board members may or not be. There were conversations about what experience I bring to the table, what I can do to better the organization or even how many events I’ve been to. These aren’t new conversations for me, and to me the answer is simple. Listen.


Independence Day Year In Review

It’s that time of year: My Independence Day Year In Review

Independence day is special for me. It just seems to be that time of year when big things happen for me. I don’t know about you, but I’m very attuned to the fact that my life works in three year increments: I made my first trip to NYC as an adult on July 4th 2004. As I left for my two week vacation, I made it clear there was potential that I may not come back, despite the round trip ticket I purchased. I came, I slept, I ate, I relaxed, I had too much fun, and I really considered not going back to my hometown. I did, but, exactly three years later I was living in NYC, starting a brand new job and my Independence Day 2007 was certainly that–independent. I had moved into my shoebox-sized apartment, and I spent the day settling in. Fast forward three more years, and even though I celebrated on vacation, in July 2010 I was preparing for yet another move. This time, I was moving to Brooklyn with my beloved boyfriend.

These. Are. Big. Steps.
Well, that was two years ago, and while this isn’t exactly a milestone year, it does mean that we are gearing up for one hell of a year ahead! I hope you are ready!

Celebrating IWNY

Since 2008, Internet Week has taken place all over the city, thanks to partners hosting diverse events in different locations. The result is a critical mass of web-focused events that raises the profile of NYC’s industry as a whole, as well as the partners who participate.



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